Best combo for muscle hardness........

  1. Best combo for muscle hardness........

    Starting my 6 week cutter.....had a few stacks in mind. They are as follows

    Methly - E 10/20/20/30/20 ed
    Orastan - A 100/150/200/250/200/100 ed

    or I could do

    Halodrol 25/50/75/50 ed
    Orastan - A 100/150/200/250/200/100 ed

    I will follow that up with Retain2, Formestane and Mass Fx.

    Also I will be using Anabolic Pump before carb meals.... 2 carb meals aday, 4 carb meals every 5 days.
    The diet will be a modified low carb diet. (carb cycling)

    I'm already doing cardio twice aday (30 minutes each), I get 2 high intensity days being that i teach a 1 hour spinning class.

    So what do ya'll think?

  2. I would go with halo and orastan....halo isnt very powerfull so i would go 50/50/75/75...i'm actually running Promagnon25 at 100mg right now and fine so far (also was fine with 3 weeks at 75mg) and i wouldnt taper back down w the orastan either

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