1 test question on gyno & Libdo

  1. Question 1 test question on gyno & Libdo

    Hey bros

    Just wondering if any one has had gyno on a 1 test cycle?

    Im not asking about what you have read, personal experances please

    and I read that 1 test shuts down hpta and libdo, would proviron counteract this??

    I dont want to use 4ad or any other PH

    thanks in advance guys


  2. 1-test does not aromatize so no gyno SHOULD not occur on cycle post cycle however you get an estrogen rebound and you could have an issue there
    proviron is intended to work on the libido but the hpta will still be shut down youneed to get clomid or nolva to help bring it back up after your cycle

  3. how come your balls shrink on a cycle if no aromatisation occurs?

    I always thought this was a estrogen related side

  4. because your natty test production will shut down with the introduction of an androgen
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  5. Are you not worried about lethargy? No 4ad i'm hoping you have test then. Seriously if you want to function like a normal human being you might want to add something. Especially if you want to use the stick. late J

  6. Originally posted by jweave23
    because your natty test porduction will shut down with the introduction of an androgen
    Especially with an androgen that has a chemical structure that is very similar to test. Your hypothalamus cannot differentiate between 1-test and test. The HTPA loop mistakes the 1-test as test and shuts down your natural testosterone production to compensate.

  7. ah it all makes more sence now

    thanks guys

    does any one know how long 4ad & 1 test stays in your system for?

    i.e. test enanthate stays detected in your blood for 3 months

  8. Hrmmm... How much of an issue is it from post-cycle rebound? If you just take nolvadex are you overall safe?


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