Best anti-catabolic ph?

  1. Best anti-catabolic ph?

    What would you guys consider the best anti-catabolic ph for use in a mild T3 cycle(75mcg max)? I considered doing some 4ad/1-test combos but since I'm only trying to hold on to muscle I have I don't want to spend extra money on 1-Test if it's not needed. Would 4ad in itself in a big enough dosage do the job or do I need some other help? Also what about 7-keto for coming off of the cycle?

  2. 1-test I think is more anti-catabolic. Some pple gained a little on a deficit or very mild increase in calories. I don't think testosterone or 4-AD strictly speaking is anti-catabolic.

  3. Any ph aas is going to be anti catabolic but everyones different there was a study done awhile ago in which 12.5 mg of anavar was suffiecent to stop catabolism in a bodybuilder who stopped all training for a month but there are guys over at anabolic review who say they only take t3 with heavy cycles because if they dont it eats them up. In my oppinion get something with no bloat and very few sides since it sucks to put up with t3 sides and ph sides at the same time with no muscular gains to show from it. Use 3 alpha or 1/4 andro in my oppinion

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