Best for Pre-contest...any help would be awesome...

  1. Best for Pre-contest...any help would be awesome...

    First off a lil about me...
    age: 28 years

    height: 5'9

    weight: 238

    body%: 12 (it was that last time i did it)

    Time training: 10 years in May

    I'm trying to find out which designer is best for cutting? Take in mind I wanna pulse the compound (only on workout day's). I'm thinking bout Epi or Promag. I was gonna stick with the Epi.....but i keep hearing about Halo and it's effects on body fat. I will be stacking either with Anabolic Pump. Right now i'm taking a week off to let my body rest. Still doing cardio and abs. I've use stuff similar like this before, my only refrence point i can compare these to was a cycle of 1-AD a few years back. And i got ripped of that compound. Just need a lil insight from some of the one's in the know. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

    By the way...

  2. I'm on Promag now...logging it somewhere around here

    I think it would be a pretty good cutter. It is recomping me nicely. U'll def need to run it at 75mg+ at 238 lbs. I'm 227 now (started at 222) and leaner and more vascular.

    If u want more size/strength gains go with Epistane. I really haven't been impressed with the Promag as far as strength (maybe a little size). But its gettin me pretty ripped with no change in diet or cardio.

  3. bump....

  4. I'd say niether...

    Honestly I would run something like TRN and ZOL for a longer peroid of time.

    The shutdown would suck, but for contest prep, I don't think anything would aid in getting you lean, easier.

    But for cutting you can use any AAS, your results will be dependent on your diet than anything else.

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