adding more 4-ad to t-1 pro

  1. adding more 4-ad to t-1 pro

    I just got a bottle of t-1 pro. Would it be possible to dissolve another 5 grams of 4-ad in the 240 ml bottle to get 10 grams of 1-test and 10 grams of 4-ad in the bottle. Or is the t-1 pro saturated and unable to hold anymore prohormone in suspension?

    thanks, jx

  2. I think 15 is the max. I would suggest you make a homebrew of 4ad. It's cheap and easy and keeps the lethargy to a minimum. late J

  3. thanks,

    anyone else have an opinion?


  4. Yep its at max solubility 4ad is tough to dissolve to, make another bottle up. Or order some t-gel and put 4ad in that.

  5. I've got an unopened bottle of 4 ad from BDC im looking to unload. I hear they are out of stock right now. I also have 1/4 bottle 1 t pro and some unopened formasin... anybody interested?


  6. JWest post this in the swap meet section I'm sure you'll get rid of it. It sounds like jxhopper might want the 4ad maybe you should pm him. Late J

  7. jxhopper, if you can get more than 15 grams to dissolve you will be working for me next week.

    Other than that...JWest, don't you already have a thread in the swap meet section with that offer? Update that thread with a current status.


  8. Thanks guys,

    I got my answer, just have to add the 4-ad to my cycle in a separate gel.

    I appreciate the help,


  9. did you gain any fat off of your 4-ad?


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