Testicle Ache?

  1. Testicle Ache?

    I just finished a 4 wk. T-1 Pro cycle the other day, and last night I noticed a slight ache in one of my testicles. Nothing bad, just a slight ache. Is this a common side of shutdown, or should I get this checked out. Thanx...

  2. Im not a doctor but you are messing with your natty test production I assume that could cause a slight ache, if it persists you couldget it checked out if you feel any lumps get it checked out right now dude since testicular cancer sux. i knew aguy who ignored an ache and ended up having a vein cut off circulation to one of his testicles. So better safe than sorry.

  3. Def get it checked. You should always! Are you having trouble peeing? Are you exp. any other symptoms?

  4. No, I'm not having any other symptoms. It seems to have gone away. I was just a little hesitant to go to the doc right away, as this seemed like it just might be the result of my natural test shutdown. Not to mention that, I'm not sure how I'd explain the clen and clomid in my system from a blood test. But if nobody else has experienced this, I think I'll go and get it checked out just the same.

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