Mag 10 the Destroyer???

  1. Mag 10 the Destroyer???

    Doing much research on the new supplements out there and have used 1-ad with good results ~8 to 10 lbs in 6 weeks. Did a search on Mag 10 and not much posted. Have there been any new users here with good or bad results on this product?
    Your thoughts are appreciated.

  2. ... why mag10 exactly?

    (read: there are better ways to get where you want to go, i.e., transdermal)

  3. Liquid, combined mix of 1-ad and 4-ad. Not sure of the quality and utilization of a liquid but it sounds pretty interesting. Since you are a mod Biggs, am I able to acquire some transdermal products through the "store" without a credit card? Anyway, what transdermal would you recommend as this type of product is very new to me. Used to the pill form of 1-ad and ErgoPharms select 300 (Norandrodiol). Again, your thoughts are appreciated.

  4. I dont believe 1-test is very good taken orally. Its better transdermally. Although Prohormones arent my specialty ( i know I know 1 test isnt a prohormone ) LOL



  5. BDC's T gels are the best bet right now I'd say (powernutrition), and you can of course make your own home version... you're in the right place for sure man, read up in these forums and you'll see the benefits of trans over oral, as well as detailed info on homebrewing, etc.

  6. I tried mag - 10 and felt it was a waste of money. I got really good pumps for a few days and then they seemed to stop. I found my self getting really depressed after about a week. I gained no weight and had no strength gains after being on it for about two weeks. My guess is I probably needed to be taking more of it but two servings a day at the time cost 70.00 a week. I don't think the biotest is the company it used to be. I got much better results fromm taking androsol. I gained about 10lbs in a month and retained about 50 to 60 %. You are better of making your own transdermals. 4 ad is dirt cheap and kilosport is selling 20 grams of 1- test for about 70.00.

  7. Thanks for all the info. I will keep on doing research! Of course, any and all additional thoughts are welcome.

  8. its expensive but i thought it was a Quality Product

  9. subllingual delivery has a cap per dosage of around 25 mg soooo if your willing to taste that nasty shiat 6 times a day then its a good idea, if like most youd rather not taste that nasty shiat then its not. not ripping on the company they may very well put a lot of 1-t and 4-ad in their product but their delivery system is subpar and they have no qualms lying abput the effectiveness of their product that makes them in my oppinion a company we should not support.

  10. That's another point that I wanted to bring up too magmaster. There is no way in hell mag - 10 has a 100% absorbtion rate.

  11. no its probably more like 75%

  12. That's still incredibly good though. Still higher than pill form I bet.

  13. Yes but you can only absorb 25 mg at a time thats like miniscule. Youd have to dose at least 4 times aday to equal a low dose trans and if you dose it to close to a meal absorption goes way down.


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