Pheravol dosing question

  1. Pheravol dosing question

    I know the original Pheraplex was 10mg, but pheravol is 15. Is it the same potency or is 15mg the equivalent of 10mg pheraplex and 30mg pheravol is the equivalent of 20mg pheraplex? I've tried searching both and here without a whole lot of info on the subject. Thanks for any help.

  2. i believe it is near the same potency...i would on take 2 caps a day...i took phera-max which was also 15mg per cap, i thought it was proli less potent then the original ax product i had used also....i got great gains off two caps, and got greedy and went up to 3 caps, 45mg a day, and the gains didnt come any quicker, but the side affects started getting a lot worse...i'd stay at just 2 caps a day

  3. Most of the feedback I hear is from the 3 a day, but you know your body better than me, stick with the two and if you want to jump it up do so, but if sides do increase then drop back to the two a day.

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