Tender nipples

  1. Tender nipples

    I am in the 4th week of my cycle. I only have about a week and a half left. I am running Test Prop,winny, T3 and Alb. I have tenderness in both nipples. No lumps or anything. Should I stop right away, or run it out?

  2. what are you using for estrogen control

  3. while on i am using nothing except cycle support.

  4. im assuming you will be using nolva for PCT...? if so then start dosing that at 10-20mg daily until you finish cycle then continue with planned PCT. Sometimes i think that tenderness is just what happens when test levels are so high or any type of hormonal changes are present for that matter.
    is it painful?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Justin View Post
    while on i am using nothing except cycle support.
    .............................. ....

    then that is why your nipples are sore

    take some tamoxifen...20mgs a day

    kind of basic

  6. I love tender nipples, But not on me.
    Next cycle try some E-form it's a daily spray that can help with this. The sprayer sucks but switch bottles and it'll work.


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