young bucs and the crank...

  1. Exclamation young bucs and the crank...

    Many of you may remember a while back that I posted a journal of my buddy who did a 2 week on, 2 week off cycle of DBOL for a total of 8 weeks. Well, now he has really taken the plunge and is doing a cycle of t.enth and eq. He started about two weeks ago, and has already put on about 12lbs. He is not using ari, as he wants all he can get (I told him it would be water, he likes that he says, so whatevs...) I think the doses were around 450mg for EQ and T.Enth @ 600mg perhaps...Anyways, just thought I would start this again, keep updating every few days...

    He started at around 205, and is about 217 he says now. He looks a lot thicker, definately in his arms and chest. His strength is up too, but not too too much according to him.

    ANyways, there it is...comments welcome
    By the by, he is 18 right now...

  2. Not using arimi, huh? I hope he like his new B cup to go along with his new physique. How old are you? The arimi is not just to prevent bloat, it's an anti-e, E meaning estrogen, arimi will also go a long way in prevention of gyno. I hope he has some nolva on hand.

  3. Hahaahahaahhaaha! Let me guess saying his was 18 was a jab at the forum rules that I am sure you read.

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