Shelf life of PHs stored in freezer? Need ASAP!

  1. Shelf life of PHs stored in freezer? Need ASAP!

    Like most of us, I stocked up on PHs right before the ban. I am now in the process of moving and never realized just how much I have, probably enough to last a lifetime, literally!

    BUT...I have to plan to use these up or toss them, this is insane, I need to make up my mind ASAP and some are going to have to be thrown out just due to room consideration.

    Does anyone know the frozen shelf life of the following:

    Ergopharm 1AD (different 2007 "expiration" dates printed)
    1AD powder
    4AD powder
    1-test powder
    Cyclo 1-Test powder
    1,4 diol powder
    1,4 diol capped (SciFit brand)
    5AA powder
    5AA capped (SciFit brand)

    (I am thinking of tossing all of the 1,4 and 5AA since I never saw much results with those-- what do you think??)

    And the refrigerated liquids:

    Liquid 4AD (LMR Sports)
    Liquid 19-nor (LMR sports)
    VPX Paradeca

    THANKS a million!

  2. u can vaccum seal and freeze it and it would probally last u another 10 years

  3. I think most of these compounds are pretty stable, especially if stored in the freezer. Remember the expiration date isn't a magical date whereafter all of the substance suddenly disappears. It's supposed to just indicate the date at which some significant degradation (5-20%) has likely occured. In actuality, though, most of these dates are just set at a default of 2-3 years, even if the compound will last much longer.

    I'd bet, even when not vacuum sealed, when stored in the freezer the products will still be >80% potency after 10 years. Just a hunch, though.

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