which prohormone would be best for me?

  1. Question which prohormone would be best for me?

    Hi, I am new to this site, someone on muscletalk.co.uk recomended to take alook at, so here I am.

    I have been doing a ton of reading on prohormones, I am well aware of the sideffects, and I am ok with all of them but one. That is hair loss. There is bladness is my mom's side of the family, DOHHH!!, so that is what worries me, I don't want to lose my hair, it is a side effect that can't be reveresed, once it's gone, it's gone.

    So, here's the question, I am 21 and want to know what prohormones would not have this side effect, or not as much for that matter? or is there anything to counter the hair loss thing?

    let me know

  2. go with a Transdermal (but Read up on It) I reccomend either Super One+ or T-1.

  3. stay away from any dht related ones .. lke tren..

  4. what other dht related ones should I stay away from?
    Someone told me that being my first cycle of prohormone I should try something of lesser strength that super one+, like one+
    what do you think?

  5. Worried about hairloss, try 19-nor and light dosing of 4-ad. I don't think there is much worry with 4-ad though.

  6. 19-nor and a light dosing of 4-ad, hmmmm
    how long would I run a cycle like this? something like 4 weeks
    can I expect similiar type of results from this than T-1, super one+ or one+?

    I have read that nordial can by heavily suppresive, what exactly does this mean? suppresive on your own testosterone production?
    let me know

  7. 4 weeeks on 4 weeks off is the preferred method around here. 19-nor is suppresive like all hormones are which means that they make you stop producing natural testosterone but will come back quicker with proper post cycle supps.

  8. Super One+ causes hair loss? Damn I didnt know that... now I know

  9. 1-test (1-ad) are purported to have some DHT affinity and thus the hairline problemos - along with all other dht/androgenic related sides!


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