to keep test In or Out for contest?

  1. to keep test In or Out for contest?

    Ok first of all i dont have any test suspension, prop or anything. just test cyp and enth. not here is the deal.

    My dilemma is i am doing a cycle of tren enenthate, masteron enenthate, and a test cyp/enenthate along with anavar 4 weeks before the show. I am taking .50-1mg day of arimidex to deal with any water bloat from this. I have been told by a lot of people to keep the test in, however my trainer is telling me to drop the test(im 8weeks out) and replace it with winny 2x a weeks. He says im holding water weight just around and under my belly button. Now i know that naturally a man holds most of his fat around that area if he does have any. I am at 8% bodyfat right now, could he just be mistaken this "water weight" for the little bit of fat im holding around there. I got my adex powder prom puruie so im pretty sure thats legit. I was wanting to get your opinion on this subject. Also what are the benefits of keeping test in compared to it being taken out. ,just please let me know because this is driving me crazy. haha thanks.

  2. i know a lot of ppl that run test e/cyp during contest prep...just watch the bloat

  3. thats alot of stuff your on, I think you can drop the test, because between the tren and masteron, thats alot of androgenic crap as is.

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