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  1. Unhappy Drug Test

    I wasnt sure were to put this thread but this looks like a good spot. Anyway, i have a sports(football) drug test comming up sometime in the next 6 weeks. I asked one of my coaches if PHs showed up on the test and he said yes. I have been taking Pinacle Andro 100 Poppers for about 2 weeks now. I dont want to and i cant fail my athletic drug test. How long does it take for these to get flushed out of my system? And are their any supps )maybe) to help flush these out?

    any help would be GREATLY appreciated



  2. Not to lecture, but judging by your stats, I would say stop the PH all together. 6 weeks is plenty of time to clean your system if you discontinue your PH.

  3. Especially the age. You are going to mess up your endrocrine system, you are still growing and you have the highest test levels in the age that you are now.. you will grow size wise..

  4. Thnx, but my stats have improved i just havnt gotten around to updating my sig, i now do 150x3 for bench..

  5. Thnx a lot, i have stopped using it...it was a mistake in the first place

  6. Your test levels should be high anyways since you are young. Plus taking PH too early can seal your growth plates. Glad to hear you stopped.

  7. To add what they say....eat bro...damn playing football at that size. You don't need to be 4% bf.....just keep the speed up and gain some mass.

    Secondly..your coach is ****in with you if they are testing high schoolers for steroids....thats not a cheap test and I seriously doubt they would test unless they had some reason to. And if you DID need the info...how bout you run a SEARCH...I answered this same kind of post about a week or two ago.

  8. Most of the time, the test is for rec drugs.. and that has been started by a few of the HS athletic assoc. I know we do it in my home state but it is very random. Good call Scott on the SEARCH button


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