Will my doctor rat me out?

  1. Will my doctor rat me out?

    If I admit to my doctor that I'm on gear, is he required by law to rat me out?

  2. I don't think so due to doctor-patient confidentiality.

  3. no he cant you can tell him just bout anything and they cant tell anyone you just might just get a lecture...

  4. not at all. The only thing he is required to tell the law is child abuse.

  5. ..and gunshot wounds.

    Personally, I would only tell my dr if I were having a gear related illness or injury..but then I'm paranoid.

  6. Dont do it

    Quote Originally Posted by bioman View Post
    ..and gunshot wounds.

    Personally, I would only tell my dr if I were having a gear related illness or injury..but then I'm paranoid.
    You're not paranoid at all bioman. Most(generalization) doctors are uneducated/undereducated in performance enhancing steroids use, and only know the "bad things" that are hyped and propagated by the media and the government(even though the DEA and AMA were against making steroids class 3 drugs:see this interesting post Hbo Real Sports - Steroids ).

    So as bioman wrote, unless you are having issues directly related to steroid use, ie: high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, problems in your blood work, possibly major surgery or a serious illness that you didnt have before, then NO dont disclose anything to your doctor, theres no reason for that information to go into your medical history charts, and god knows what kind of care or treatment an hmo/insurance company would try to deny you if, god forbid, you developed something they could try to link to your unsupervised steroid use.

    This is just my opinion, take it or leave it.

  7. Haha after my TSH results came back so low, he wanted to order more tests so I just shut him down and told him I was on T3 so he wouldn't rape me for the costs of all these tests!

  8. i believe the doctors can report back to your health insurance provider that you are on AAS

  9. yup, see above

    if you tell a doctor youre using gear, it goes down on your record (so they can look back in the future and see if the problems youre having could be related to past steroid use). Health insurance comanies are involved with these records....


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