Nolvadex VS Havoc/Epistane for Gyno reduction

  1. Nolvadex VS Havoc/Epistane for Gyno reduction

    Ok i'm not sure if i've got gyno but my right pec is tender on the side a little back from the nipple and their is some puffiness, i'm only using masteron right now, but i did have tren in their as well as test earlier on in my cutter. I dropped all anti-e's once i came off the test, which maybe was a mistake, but i'm wondering whether i shoudl just load up on 60mg of nolvadex or pick up some Havoc/Epistane as it sounds great for this. Thoughts?

  2. What anti-e were you using? I have seen one case (a 30 year old man) of post-cycle test being elevated by post cycle therapy to a point so high that when the PCT was discontinued after 4 weeks the measured serum test levels were over 1900 ng/dl. That is off the chart for a natural level of test production. Problem was, the individual in question dropped their anti-e completely after 4 weeks without tapering down. The natural test level was so high that it acutally aromitized significantly and created some increases in fatty deposits around the left nipple.

    That brings me to my next question. Did you taper your anti-e out of the PCT or drop it without tapering?

    Either way, nolva **may** be a good idea. It sounds like you do not have full blown gyno but an accumulation of fat around the nipple that, if not addressed could develop into full blown gyno.


  3. Well i'm still on the cycle, and come to think of it i don't think i did taper down, i was using Nolvadex. So i think you described it right, so i'm going to grab some Nolvadex tommoro and start up 60mg till this goes away.

  4. Good luck my money says that will handle it. Nip it in the bud now. Better safe than visiting the plastic surgeon later.


  5. I had some Femara lying around so i started up .5mg i've been on that for a couple days now and the pain is gone, so now i just need some Nolvadex, man i'm glad i caught this. And i can't believe how tender the area was feeling.



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