Hey all: it has been a while since I have posted here because I broke my fibula back in jan. and I have just now started to get back into the swing of things in the gym. prior to the injury i was around 210 with a bf around 9 or 10%. I did as much as I could given the circumstances to stay in decent shape but i ended up falling down to around 202 with around the same bf(i dont seem to really ever get too fat). I was thinking about doing a six weeker of halodrol/winztrol stack with the goal of getting back to 210 but a bit more cut than before. The thing that is holding me back is that i have to start studying for the MCAT to get into med school and I was unsure if taking steroids would affect my studying. More specifically do steroids hinder one's ability to learn. I dont know how this got into my head, but i believe that there was an article or news report that I saw that may have made me think about this. Also I am more than likely going to take adderall for those days where I am struggling to get up and study. Would there be a higher level of risk if I were to do that. I want to know what you all think because I have a back up plan that would consist of AP, DCP, Powerfull, CEE, cit malate, beta alanine, and arginine ethyl ester. BTW, diet and exercise program are in check for those intersted also I am about 6'2. any and all suggestions and advice would be greatly appreciated:bruce3: