Differences in Juggernaut Nutrition WinZtrol Product

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  1. Differences in Juggernaut Nutrition WinZtrol Product


    I just received several bottles of Juggernaut Nutrition WinZtrol.

    Only one of the bottles had a plastic safety seal around the bottle cap. The other three had no such safety seal.

    Under three of the bottle caps, there was a foil safety seal. One bottle had a styrofom safety seal.

    In three bottles, the capsules contained brownish colored contents.

    In one bottle, the capsules contained white powder.

    Anyone have any feedback on this product and company.

    I made this purchase from EDITED BECAUSE OF SOURCE POSTING.

    I will post images later this evening when I get back to the lab.

    Be cautious when purchasing this product!

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  2. I was wondering just this in the clone thread. The brownish color really sets me off a bit.
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  3. That's kinda weird, I bought 2 bottles of WinZtrol back in december and both had safety seals with white powder capsules.

  4. Yeh that is odd bro --- never seen that at all.

    Always been fine when ordering from JN.

  5. Hmmmmm, now I'm very curious.
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  6. Pics of the two caps from each bottle

    As promised, here is a link to a pic of the two different caps, bottle rim safety seals, and plastic safety seal off of the bottle with white powder in the caps.

    The pic is a 10 megapixel shot so it is very hi res - give it a minute to load.

    I will be testing caps from each of the bottles in the lab later in the week and I will let you all know what I find.

    In the meantime, my lab tech is going to contact both Juggernaut Nutrition and EDITED BECAUSE OF SOURCE POSTING. to follow up.


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  7. I know that juggernaut has put cissus in there turinadrol and my caps look exactly like that. Maybe they put something herbal in the winztrol there makin?
  8. I don't know...

    The label still states that the only ingredient is

    [3,2-c]pyrazole-5alpha-etioallocholane-17beta-tetrahydropyranol @ 50 mg per cap.

    Plus, the labels of all of the bottles I received look as though someone slapped the labels on by hand.

    Also, the bottles that had the brownish caps had that thermafoil seal under the cap that was hardly glued to the rim of the bottle.

    I am really interested now. I can't get into the lab until Thursday, but this could get interesting.


  9. Don't they have some herbal in there as well? I think this is why there is the brownish stuff in there. SO iI think it is a mix of the reall thing, and the herbal they added( i forgot what it was ). I was thinking of ordrering this as well, as I had good results with GL's Mega-Zol.
  10. update on WinZtrol by Juggernaut

    UPDATE #1 - 10:55 pm Monday, April 2nd

    I have physically examined the product by separating the contents of the capsule in to two separate piles of brown and white powders. There is no question that the brown powder is a different substance than the white powder and seems to have less of a molecular weight although this may be inaccurate do to exposure to humid conditions (i.e. the powder may have absorb some moisture from the air prior to my weighting it).

    It is possible that the brown powder is filler and the white powder is the actual PH. The capsule with the brown powder is a size 0 capsule. That means that the outer dimension of the capsule with the brown powder is 7.65 mm in diameter and 21.70 mm in length. Typically, these capsules can hold a max of 475 mg of dry powder.

    Now, the white capsule is a size 1 capsule and is smaller that then the capsule that contains the brown powder. A size one capsule has a diameter of 6.91 mm and a length of 19.40 mm. typically a size 1 capsule can hold up to 350 mg of dry powder.

    On my products, I use size 1 capsules. That is pretty standard among PH because of the smaller amount of actual PH put into a capsule (in terms of mgs). The rest of the space is typically filler. I use magnesium stearate as filler in our entire line of PH capsule. I know this substance to be white. I have never seen it any other color.

    Ok, I don't know why Juggernaut changed the size and the possible filler in the capsule but there are some very specific physical differences in these two capsules.


  11. They added cissus to their halodrol clone...maybe they did the same to the winztrol instead of adding filler...
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  12. Could be..


    That would explain the very herbal smell. Also, recent reserach has shown Cissus to be of some value in oxidation of fat

    from an article published in Lipids in Health and Disease 2006, 5:24

    "In sum, Cissus formulation administered twice daily to obese and overweight persons with symptoms of metabolic syndrome results in both weight reduction and an improvement in the symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome. It has also shown efficacy in the control and lowering of triglyceride concentrations, total cholesterol, LDL-cholesterol, and fasting blood glucose. The formulation may also have applications in other metabolic diseases, such as diabetes mellitus"

    So, if one were to use WinZtrol as a dieting agent while trying to maintain muscle mass, this would be a plausible answer.

    However, I am not willing ot give Juggernaut that much credit yet. As soon as I test it, I'll let everyone know for sure what the mystery filler actually turns out to be.


  13. Dr_C, please stop posting where you purchased this product. Source posting violates board rules.
  14. Sorry...

    Quote Originally Posted by yeahright View Post
    Dr_C, please stop posting where you purchased this product. Source posting violates board rules.
    Did so only b/c I have purchased this product from other distributors and never had this issue.

    Won't do it again - Sorry.


  15. so did u contact JN about this? and what did they say?
  16. Difference in cap count between bottles

    Update #2: WinZtrol

    As I noted earlier, the brownish caps are a larger size capsule (size 0) than the white capsules (size 1).

    Same size bottle for both caps. However, there are only 60 caps of the brownish caps per bottle and 90 caps per bottle of the white powder caps.

    The label on both states 90 caps per bottle.

  17. Yes..No response yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by MystikalSoul View Post
    so did u contact JN about this? and what did they say?
    Contacted via email this afternoon..no response yet.

  18. May be right

    on that. Someone else said that their OT from JN looked like the pix I posted earlier in the thread.

    Problem is, I already have Epi to stack with it. I need the WinZtrol.


  19. Ugh, this definitely sounds like a mix up of their Zol with their OT...This is really the first blemish that I have ever heard with them though (granted I have only known who they are for about 12-15 months). Could be worse though.
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  20. i need to get me some... so keep us updated
  21. Follow up...

    as of this morning, still no word from the company.


  22. OK, everyone, I just spoke with a representative of distributor from whom I purchased my JN WinZtrol.

    First, let me say I have ***complete*** confidence in this distributing company. They have a sterling reputation and they have always provided first class customer service.

    The rep with whom I spoke stated that they are aware of the situation and the difference in packing, product coloration, and capsule count is due to a change in JN's outsourced manufacturer.

    Now, as far as my order, I bought and paid for 2 90 cap bottles of JN WinZtrol. The distributor sent me 4 bottles - one with 90 caps of the white powder, which I assume to be from an older manufacturing batch run, and 3 bottles of 60 caps of the brownish powder. That means, I actually got 270 caps when I paid for 180 caps. Call that a baker's dozen!

    The rep also assured me that the mg dosages per cap are the same.

    Great job on the part of the distributor to handle this situation in a professional manner!

    JN reps should come out and make some kind of statement as well. That would really help their goodwill in the community.


  23. Thanks for the feedback! Great to hear that they did you right.
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  24. so the new Winztrol bottles are only gonna be 60 pills? and did they they u what the brown stuff actually is?

  25. I've literally been freaking out through this thread reading, thinking I have been stacking OT w/ TST instead of Winztrol (On a Cut! so yes it kind of sucks). I got to the last post about the count/color difference and checked my bottle. Sure enough, there is only 60 caps in there, even though both the company I purchased it from AND the label read 90 caps. Is there anything I can do? Im already 7 days into my cycle and really NEED those extra 30 pills. Who would I contact? ugh, I knew the bottle looked like it had less than it should, just thought it was my eyes deceiving me.


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