It will be two weeks in two days since i've started my T1-Pro at 2 squirts per day. Supps include fish and flax oil at a combined 3 tbsps/day, cyclo zmass, Surge, Synthesize creatine, MD6 and Betalean, T2, lots and lots of protein from proteincustomizer, vitamin C 1g after workout, R-ALA. I am actually trying to cut with all this. Calories are somewhere in the 3,000-3,600 range, always eating totally clean. About two weeks before my cycle started I tested my Testosterone while i was on 6-oxo recovering from a cycle of the new Twinlab Andro Nitrate 3 Fuel at up to 10 tabs a day. It was at the beginning of my second bottle of Oxo at 5 caps/day, first bottle was 6/ day. My test was 292 ng/dl, kinda low but i figured it was because of all the andro. Last week ( 1 week into my T1-Pro cycle) it was at 243 ng/dl. Just a couple of hours ago it was at 155.94 ng/dl. That is pretty pathetic. Now i have made some considerable gains in both size and strength and gotten leaner in less than two weeks, so i am guessing that the 1 test is totally shutting down my natural T levels and there isn't enough 4ad to bring it up to par, but really that's just a guess. I don't have a Test reading for baseline with no phs or post cycle. Does anybody have any info?