Optimal bodyfat% before using T1-Final?

  1. Optimal bodyfat% before using T1-Final?

    I'm 6'1", 185ish, 16% bodyfat.

    I'm gonna start bulking up around September, I'd like to get my bf% down a bit before I start taking in a lot of calories...so should I also wait to do a T1-Final cycle? Is there an "optimal" bf% I should be shooting for? I figure I'm gonna wait anyways since the T1 + bulking diet should produce some good results together, but I was curious what you all thought...

    Would taking it now on a maintenance diet be useless?

  2. Taking it now on a maintenance diet would be far from useless. If you are looking to add lean mass and lose bodyfat at the same time that is likely what will happen with that combination of diets and androgens.

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