4G Fina kits/ 4AD

  1. 4G Fina kits/ 4AD

    I just bought a 4g kit from TN, I will be making 4g of fina in it. I was wondering if I can also add 3g of 4AD cyp to it. With just the standard amount of solution in the 4g kit. Remember I will be adding the fina also, the full 4g of fina. (I rather have all the fina absorbed, so if any might not cause of the added 4ad then just say.)


  2. you should make the 4ad seperate.. it would oversaturate the solution .. also not sure if the two can be stored in same bottle . i keep mine in their own and just mix in syringe.

  3. tommy_69 gives good advice...mix them separate. They CAN be mixed in the same vial but prefereable if they weren't.

    It won't oversaturate the solution but it will become thicker.


  4. making it hurt more

  5. Ok so lets say i buy a 2g fina kit, and i want to make just 4ad, but instead of adding 2g of 4ad cyp, i add 6g of 4ad cyp. Will it work, and how much pain are we talking. And any recommeneded dosage. I will be taking 75mg Fina ed for 6 wks. So I just wanna add 4ad to combat fina dick, maybe increase the strength gains also.

  6. It will be thick but the solubility of the cyps are extremly high so it will not crash.


  7. made 14 grams 4adcyp in 40 ml's of oil with 2mls of BA and 5mls BB. dissolved the 4ad cyp in the ba and bb first, then poured that into the oil , then placed the vial in boiling water for like 5 mins.. then filterd into new sealed container.. no pain .. no abbcesses .. worked good with fina not sure by itself though.. give it at least 3-4 weeks..
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