bloat from t-final

  1. bloat from t-final

    I am curious when you are on T-1 Final do you get bloat just in the waist area? It seems like my waist is bloating up but nowhere else, nothing on my diet has changed..........any ideas?

  2. On T-1 FINAL? Damn...I designed it to not give the bloat that the original T-1 was giving. Back to the drawing borad...

    You can run an anti-e for a few to control the bloat but I am a firm believer in muscle memory so the water retention is not all that bad. Just my opinion though...


  3. Maybe it's all that beer your drinkin On a serious note I didn't think that amount of 4ad would give bloat. On my cycle now I'm absorbing 787.5mg of 4AD a week and have no bloat. I guess its different for everyone. Anyway bump chemo's advice if your that worried about it. Best of luck. J

  4. Iam doing one squirt of t1 final and t1 pro 2x per day with 600mg of 1,4 ad and i i am getting bloated jsut in my stomach area too. The rest has definitely leaned out tho.

  5. Grab some liquid femara(letrozole) from one of the liquid distributors.

  6. its not that bad and i seem to aquire it all day and then piss it out at night - bc when i wake up i am not bloated and loose some weigth from the previouse night. do i really need letro? if its just water wont it go away after my cycle is done? and i also thought it was a good thing to hold some water for increased gains?

  7. I thought it was wierd to just get bloat in the waist area, I took 1000mg per day of oral 4AD and didn't get any bloat at all, now I am only doing 3 quirts twice a day of t-final, only on day 6, and my stomach is bloated as hell, will nolva help?

  8. Im not getting any bloat, and I am doing 2 squirts twice a day.


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