boldenone with 1-test and 4ad ya baby yahhh

  1. boldenone with 1-test and 4ad ya baby yahhh

    Good Day,
    I have been considering a boldenone base, with 1-test and 4ad. I want to get vascular but also put on some pounds. I would like suggestions if this is a sufficient stack and a relatively "safe" combo. Also, How many grams of each for a 4 week cycle. I have read in many forums that less than 200mg/ week of boldenone will do virtually nothing. But how much is to much. Let me know if this is good to go or over the deep end.

  2. You are talking the steroid boldenone or 1/4 andro the ph if you are talking boldenone base I would suggest 200 mg per day as a good dose since you figure 40% absorbed you would be getting around 90 mg a day. For 1t and 4ad use t1 final its a good mix buy three bottles and do three squirts a day for 4 weeks.

  3. Think he's looking at a 6-3-6 mix, i've read that bases are stronger than esterfied hormone as it has more of the hormone gram per gram as there is no ester weight. Maggmaster's suggestion of 200mg applied would equal 80mg a day with 40% absorb rate or 60mg with 30% absorb rate. Good start, maybe make the bold in a seperate bottle and if need be lower dosages if you do get bad sides.

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