1-Test Shutdown?

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  1. I thought the same, that this was all BS, but then I decided to research....not just read, but learn. It's just basic science what it does, and I was still a little sketchy. I decided to try it and and I am up 8 pounds in one week.

    I know its 95% water, but I am stronger than ever.

  2. xonic2xonic, I understand your skepticism, supp company's are for the most part out there ripping people off. 10 years ago, I was a supplement whore, trying whatever hit the shelves at gnc (c'mon - no www back then, cut me some slack!) - vanadyl, chromium, OKG, MCTs, CoQ10, etc. I spent a ton of money, with no gains. I remember androstendione a few years later, but luckily I had heard the reports of gyno before I got around to trying it out!

    The only thing I'll use now is protein from customizer, multivit, green tea, and eca. I tried 1-AD with 4-ad (androspray) 6 months ago (after 2 months of research) and now firmly believe that prohormones DO work. I gained 12 lbs overall (sure, some was water), a surprising amount of strength, and my measurements were up. I also got some sides - lost my libido, a little hair, a little prostate hypertrophy. I kept 8lbs after the 4 week cycle was over, and almost all of my strength.

    I've been researching more and more since then, and now I'm a few weeks away from my first 1-test cycle of T-1 Pro (thx steeltown!) I've been taking saw palmetto for my prostate, got some topical spiro for the hair, clomid for post, and nolva just in case.

    I tend to trust consistent user feedback more than some supp company's clinical test results that can be massaged, selectively cited, etc. I know there are variables involved, (an 18 yr old, been lifting 6 months, ate 4K cals/day, and gains 15 lbs - well no sh*t! PH or no PH) but you've got to do your research, dig around, and parse the results for yourself. Anyway, keep your healthy skepticism, and if you don't think 1-test will shut you down - just try a good dose for 4 weeks and drop it, w/no post cycle - you'll become a believer pretty quickly! Whatever you decide, good luck!

  3. Originally posted by bigpetefox

    For any article that he posts that allegedly shows 1-test is ineffective, look at my avatar and ask yourself again, "Does 1-test really work?

    Hey bro,
    I currently weigh 200lbs. Im 6'0, and BF% is 20%. Right now I just started a cycle of Clenbutrx and Im goin into my 2nd week. So far soo good, but with those stats can I push 1-Test with my Clenbutrx and get to my goal of 12-15% BF, and hit around 180-185lbs. If so I'd have to push 1-Test into week 3 of my Clenbutrx cycle. Im lookin to lose this last bit of gut and harden the f*ck up already lol.
    Ill post a pic tommorow hopefully.

    P.S. I am doin both bulkin and cuttin, so of course I want to gain muscle weight and lose fat mass at the same time.

  4. Originally posted by xonic2xonic

    I guess I should appologize, I have been pretty ignorant. I just suspected that you people are just here to support the marketing hype for one reason or other.

    ain't no thang the state of the industry makes it extremely easy to be critical, doubtful, etc, etc so I don't think it's an issue... especially b/c at the very LEAST the info is here, free of charge good luck bro.

  5. Originally posted by xonic2xonic
    So who finds what the most potent/effective 1-test product?
    HardChest !!

    The best 1-Test on the planet.



  6. The only problem with some of these statements, is that while BDC is providing a pre-mixed suppliment product to the masses. He also puts his recipie out there for anyone to use by buying the products wherever they like. It's not some "top-secret 1000% effective super-deluxe patented delivery system" with more bull**** than a truck full of manure tryin to sell you on it.... And MANY people (myself included) have seen good results from 1-test, again, nothing like injectible AAS, but it definitely works. As fo the lack of belief in clomid/nolva/hcg/etc. It's your endocrine system.

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  7. Originally posted by Blacksmith

    HardChest !!

    The best 1-Test on the planet. 

    Well, hello there, Big Guy!

    Hard Chest you say? PM me with a source.. **



    ** This is a joke! Don't ask anyone for a source for anything!! I don't care if Walgreens has kleenex on sale, no PM's for sources!!

  8. Thanks for the replys.

    How about an anal suppository delivery system?

  9. Originally posted by xonic2xonic
    Thanks for the replys.

    How about an anal suppository delivery system?
    Yes, please shove it up your ass, good idea.


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