Different Esters

  1. Different Esters

    Hey I was think why not more ester combinations for instance you have tren acetate and enanthate but why no prop? you have test prop, enanthate, cyp but why nothing in between? Im guessing the ester is harder to get or to convert or whatever ( idont know a thing about homebrewing)....Id just like some clarification...I was thinking that an ester that is longer than prop but shorter than enanthate would be convienient and effective with say testosterone...any thoughts guys?

  2. Not sure but there's not a night and day difference from prop to ace, both are injected EOD

  3. Isocaproate.

    It's just not so readily available as human grade versions tend to churn out certain esters for their certain medical purpose.. There isn't a huge demand for UG labs to brew Isocap, or any other version for that matter, because it's really not huge of a difference in all honesty.. it just dictates frequency of pinning, expediting results, duration, and clearance times if you look at in for the purpose of bodybuilding.

    If you use short, medium to medium long, and long esters you have it covered. The inbetweens don't serve any other purpose than "curb appeal" as it were.

  4. Not to mention that using butyrate and valerate can cause some unpleasant problems of their own. So unless you you’re a sheep herder with a large supply of dates you would want to avoid these.

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