T-1, T-1 Pro, or T-1 Final? First cycle.

  1. T-1, T-1 Pro, or T-1 Final? First cycle.

    I've checked all three out and T-1 Pro seems to be the best bet, but it's limited quantity so I was shooting for one of the other two. So since T-1 final provides gains "without the bloat", I take it the regular T-1 is ideal for a bulking cycle. So now I'm faced with two options: Order the T-1 since its not in limited quantity, or wait for the T-1 Pro. So would you guys just recommend the T-1 for a beginner (to this PH, not bodybuilding) and the T-1 Pro later?

    Edit: I assume all my questions will seem stupid, but I'm only here to learn, so please go easy on me for a while until I'm more knowledgeable.

  2. If I were you I'd get the T1 Final, best bet for a beginner cycle. Just enought 1-test and 4-ad to get good gains without too much lethargy or bloat

    BTW I noticed you didn't put me down as a referrer....no one eever does, bastards!

  3. You appear to have a fairly solid understanding of the design for the products.

    T-1 PRO was designed for maximum lean mass and should be used by the experienced.

    T-1 ORIGINAL was developed for insane bulking with no emphasis on water retention.

    T-1 FINAL is a middle ground between the two and should give consistent and clean gains.

    Whether you want to go with the T-1 PRO, T-1 ORIGINAL, or T-1 FINAL is completely up to you. T-1 FINAL is cheaper and a great entry level product whereas T-1 PRO will knock the socks off of even an experienced 1-test vet.

    Which ever is your choice keep us updated on your cycle results!


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