Short cycling and 19Nor 2Weeks On/4 Weeks of

  1. Short cycling and 19Nor 2Weeks On/4 Weeks of

    Should I decide to try "short cycling" with 19Norandrostenediol during 2 weeks in order to avoid HPT Axis supression, do you think that it would work or given the fact that nandrolone is the target hormone I would get my HPT Axis down to 0 from day 1?
    I would use 500 mg 19 Nor daily transdermally (40% ethanol isopropil + 30 % isopropyl miristrate + 10% DMSO + 10% Oleic acid + 10% propilene glycol) so that I could get an availability of 40%.

  2. sorry not too sure about that, but make sure u post back with ur results if u decide to use it. i haven't really heard all too much about a Nor-trans. im curious.

    thx and bump for a reply on the man's question.

  3. 19 nor is a slow acting PH that can not produce results in 2 weeks. Total waste for 2 week cycles.

  4. Agreed. Two week cycles can be very effective, but not on 19-Nor.

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