Which tests should i get?

  1. Which tests should i get?

    Hi fellas

    I will be going to see my doc this week to ask for some blood tests regarding the effect the designer steroids have had on me. I feel fine but think it's probably good to get checked out.

    here's wHat i could think of to get tested:
    full blood cell count
    total/free test
    kidney function
    liver function

    have i missed anything off? just want to cover all bases. Here's a list of everything i've used in the last year if that makes any difference.
    ergomax lmg
    max lmg
    methyl rage
    methyl dien

    cheers guys, all the best to ya, stavross.

  2. I also did a couple of short IGF1-LR3 cycles, used 3mg in total.

    Also my sex drive seems a little lower than usual. Apart from testosterone, is there anything i should have tested regarding that?

  3. well i saw my doc today and he seemed to agree with you guys. no tests needed. lol.

  4. If you could have gotten them tested without adverse consequences to your health care or wallet, I would have done as many as possible. Particulary test, liver, cholestrol.
    My The 1 LOG: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/steroids/254164-my-one-log.html

  5. how long was your last post cycle therapy and what did you use? i saw RXT in your line up....seems to be a trend that the sex drive lowers a couple of months after use.

  6. Stavross, Why don't you just get a normal physical. The blood work they do for most physicals will answer a lot if not all of your questions and You don't have to tell your doc about your Dark Side.
    This will help in the future when you apply for health or life Insurance and there is no record of Steroid use.
    If you have concerns then tell him; if your curious then just have a physical.


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