first cycle input

  1. Talking first cycle input

    Sust 250 500mg a week
    Deca 600mg week
    Winny 50 mg starting week 4
    10 week cycle
    hieght 6'0
    weight 218
    bf 16.5 to 17
    diet is good and clean
    increase cardio
    goal loose 3 to 5 percant BF

  2. To me that is more of a mass building cycle you have going there. You might want to sub the Deca with EQ at 400 mg/week also I would only run the winny for 4 weeks. But that is me, 17aa are kinda rough on the liver but 6 weeks should be okay. Also, you might want to add some liquadex to that just to keep down the bloat.

  3. i would run more test than deca...haven't personally done it but its what i've heard

  4. Run the test at 500mg/wk and substitute in some EQ at 400mg/wk at week 6 start running winny at 50mg/ed until week 12. Finish with nolva and HCG post cycle.


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  6. If this is your first cycle and all you arelooking to do is cut up then maybe ,and this is just a personal opinion, you should drop the second anabolic substance, decao or eq, and stick with a straight test winny liquiidex cycle. Test as long as it doesnt aromatize will lean you out winny will harden you up at the end and the liquidex will keep off any bloat and allow you to see the test working . I would save that more expensive second anabolic for a bulker alter in the year since deca will add more to your bloat and eq will increase your hunger. Arguing with myself however EQ would cause an increase in RBC therefore an ioncrease in vascularrity which is always cool for a cutter so really its up to you. All in my humble opinion.

  7. I have used super one plus at 18 squirts and never bloated off of it I figure I would have the same luck with AS as I did with PH I was running the deca for my joints. I could cut it back to 300mg a week but for my next cycle I will try EQ instead of the deca. Plus I can always get Drol dirt cheap if I want to bulk but not to sure if I want to try it or not.
    I have Nolva and clomid on hand. I will be running nolva through out the cycle

  8. I concur, save deca for bulking, go with test and winny, it will do what your looking for.

  9. i say screw cutting and bulk!!!

    -Saving random peoples' nuts, one pair at at time... PCT info:
    -Are you really ready for a cycle? Read this link and be honest:
    *I am not a medical expert, my opinions are not professional, and I strongly suggest doing research of your own.*

  10. Well than I will stick With the Winny and sust but not sure where to get liquiidex

  11. check out they have it for 65 I believe

  12. most peeps use nolva as an emergency if gyno appears during the cycle when using test as the base, use clomid post cycle (300mg day 1, 100mg day 2-11, 50mg day 12-21), but nolva is just a good post might want to consider having a small supply of Nolvadex on hand if you decide to use clomid post cycle instead. Get enough for 10 days at 80MG per day (800MG or 40 tablets). This is just in case symptomsof gyno appear

    As for HCG, use 500IUs per day for 10 days. You want the last dose of HCG to correspond to the last shot of Test.

    I have never cycled so I have not experienced the knowledge I am sharing, just been doing a lot of research and getting cycle critiques from many who used these. As for deca, i've never really researched into it much, haven't had the thought to use it, but it should be less than the test, test should be the base in every cycle and the test will give you a lot of bloat to begin with, i second the motion on the EQ at 400mg/wk

  13. thanks When you say HCG you mean humane Growth hormone? Excuse my ignorance. I run novla to help with ldl and hdl

  14. You might want to hit the sticky at the top of this forum that has the profiles, look for HCG. It is not the same as HGH.. totally different

  15. hcg= human synthetic luteinizing hormone stimulates the testes to produce testosterone

    hgh-human growth hormone stimulates many different effects throughout body including fatloss, musciular hypertrophy and others

    hcg=pretty cheao
    hgh= very expensive

    hcg=good for reversing testisticular atrophy

  16. thanks I am going to read the sticky
  17. WHOAA

    NOT a flame bro, but i would have put in a little more time in the research department before I leap into my first cycle, I believe there are basic substances and terms that you should have known before making the leap, please! becareful and read, read, read!!!!!

  18. I did do a lot of research but not here on another board and most people were running clomid post cycle not too many were running HCG but I am order some and reading more about it today.
    Does anyone have an opinion on Jurox Sust? I currently have Tornel And yes I know the redijects are the best but out of my price range

  19. Yes run clomid AND if it s along cycle you could run hcg as well... its a choice you have to make about how bad you wanna keep your gains

  20. From what I read I think hcg would be a must if I want to keep more of my gains so I will be getting some ASAP


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