Phera-Max/X-mass cycle

  1. Phera-Max/X-mass cycle

    I had a thread posted before but cannot find it now, hmmm so this is a new one since Ive now started my cycle.

    Preload Supplements (7 days before cycle)
    Saw Palmetto Extract 1080Mg daily
    Pantothenic Acid 500mg-1G daily
    Hawthorn Berry Extract 550 Mg daily
    Milk Thistle 1000 Mg daily

    On Cycle
    Phera-Max 15/30/30/30
    X-mass 40/80/80/40
    Saw Palmetto Extract 1080 Mg daily
    Pantothenic Acid 1000 Mg daily
    Hawthorn Berry Extract 550 Mg daily
    Milk Thistle 1000 Mg daily
    E-form 5 sprays nightly

    post cycle therapy
    Novedex Xt 240mg/180mg/120mg/60mg
    Jungle Warfare
    Anabolic Xtremes Retain
    Gaspari Size on

    Jungle Warfare starts day 22
    Sizeon Starts day 15

    I have ran PP solo before with great results. The reason im not going the NOLVA route is that I am in law enforcement and dont want to be ordering illegal drugs, also being a canadian I can get it prescribed at the first site of any problerms. However I used Novedex xt lasttime at my doctors recomendation and blood work after post cycle therapy showed everything to be in order. Although im not proun to gyno im using the e-form to be safe.

  2. Im 6 days in now, up about 5 lbs, great muscle fullness and pumps...staying pumped pretty much all day, great overall since of well being. Although I Feel like im holding quite abit of water maybe 2 lbs or so. Strength and stamina are increasly slowly, im happy so far and excited to see what else this cycle will bring me. The only negatives is that during my last cycle I experienced acne which I have never ever had before so this cycle im showering close times a day and washing my face alot more than usual, also ive been experiecing some headaches which might be due to high blood pressure...Abit lethargic as well.

    Im also using Animal Pak, BCAA, Glutamine, On Whey , along side around 4000-5000 cals a day and 300+ g's of protein. Im aslo drinking about 3.5 Litres to a gallon of water a day.

  3. Yeah I ran a cycle of xmass of 120/120/120/120 and got great results with no sides..good luck, its a great product

  4. you didnt experience any water retention?

  5. Well today is day 9, I got my second intense leg workout in since begining the cycle. My squat has already jumped 10 pounds which is awesome. Im feeling pumped and larger all day, however I was also sick yesturday and ate well well below what I should have been and dran little to no water Today im feeling better and have got back on track with my diet so I hope my chestday today goes well. No negative sides to report other than i had some minor heaches hte first week. E-form seems to be working great. Excited for todays workout

  6. Drink a lot of water. You don't want a bladder infection.

  7. Yeah I had some water retention, but when all said in done gained around 13 lbs..I do suggest bumping it up to 120 mg for the last week or the third want to get the most that oyu can out of the cycle


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