fina or 1 test?

  1. fina or 1 test?

    I have been trying to decide to do a 1 - test / 4 ad 4 week cycle or a three week tansdermal fina/ 4 ad. Has anyone tried both? Kilosport was 20 grams of 1 test for 70.00 which is pretty much the same price as 4 grams of fina. I was also wondering what the optimal dose of 1 -test would be. For 4 AD seemed to be about a gram a day. I tried 1-AD at about 600mg a day with good results. I weigh allot about 290 now so I am sure I would probably need more than someone who weighs 180.

  2. Personally I would spend the extra money and add 6 gr of fina. I've done a cycle of t1-pro and am 5 days into a fina cycle now. I'm not going back to 1-test anytime soon

  3. i personally feel transdermal fina is wasting a good product. look at the absorbtion rate of transdermal fina compared to what you get when you inject it and you will see what i mean. that and im not sure i would want to use fina with 4-AD. fina is amazing at adding slabs of hard mass to your body, i wouldnt want the bloat from 4-AD to ruin that. however, if you do not use 4-AD you will need to find something else to help your libido. fina will shut you down hard. when using fina without anything you will probably have a limp dick after about two weeks. and just a warning post cycle recovery from fina is definately not fun and games. even on the steroid level, i feel it is one of the steroids that is the harshest to recover from. you'll feel ****ty (depressed, angry, over-emotional) for some time after disconntinuing its use. for these reasons i feel that negative sides associated with it arent worth tolerating unless you are going to see that incredible gains and pros it provides from injecting.

  4. I agree injecting is the way to go. However if you want to spend the money to get enough fina to go transdermal go for it, you'll like it better than 1-test. I would disagree on not running 4-ad with fina. THe bloat from 4-AD is no worse than test. That bloat can be dealt with so it is not noticable or you can just live with it and drop water at the end of the cycle.

  5. unfortunately I am not in the best situation right now to do an injectable. It sucks because 2 grams would last pretty close to a month.

  6. fina. I would recommend removing the ester also, it works much better that way transdermally (smaller molecule size, although Hal says something otherwise). Look in the steroids section, it's very easy. ALso no worries with the 4-ad, get some type of anti-e and you're fine.

  7. No question..FINA!!!
  8. on the fence

    what transdermal method are you using to deliver the fina? details dosages? what makes it so much better than 1test ... i to am looking to do some fina in the near future but I do not really feel like going through the whole conversion process so the only other option is transdermal.. im on the fence as of now

  9. I'm using a BD 25g 1" needle as my delivery system.

    The conversion process is SIMPLE, I've done a transdermal cycle and the hastle of rubbing that stuff on twice a day is much worse than a day to convert the pellets to inject.

    Why is fina better? More powerful and no lethargy.

  10. You could always try running some Arimidex to combat the bloat from the 4ad...

  11. Nothing works like fina .. the strength gains are unreal ....

  12. How much of the gains do most fina users keep? I just read that when you buy fina your name gets sent in to the FDA I think. What is up with that?

  13. I don't think that it would be sent to the FDA.. maybe the USDA because it is a cattle drug but seriously I don't think that it is tracked..

  14. I am sorry it was the USDA. I need to stop posting when I am tired.

  15. There was a scare about some sites giving your name up before ovr on gotfina they have alist of sites to stay away from. I think it a load of BS though companies dont care how they make money they just want the money. I know that sounds ignorant but if you think about it its true. Sales of finaplix ahve gone up by a multiple of seven since 1991 the companies know thats not an increase in cattle numbers but they dont care. Any way I wouldnt worry about it or check out the list and find a carrier not on it.


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