Any thoughts on this topical Dutasteride?

  1. Any thoughts on this topical Dutasteride?

    Lipoxidil - The New Generation Of Hairloss Treatment

    I've never seen anything other than pill-form, so.. I'm just curious. Does it make sense that it might work better topically like Spironolactone and Minoxidil?

    Also. Just an FYI. The laser comb was approved by the FDA. That may be old news, however...

  2. It looks like there's something about topical Finisteride there as well.. Any thoughts on that? With topical Spironolactone smelling bad, alternatives would certainly be nice...

  3. seems interesting enough...but like all topicals intended for skin/scalp effects, they are going to have to somehow make it NOT penetrate and go systemic, but still affect the proper layers to keep DHT away from the follicles....this will probably be the trouble.

    also, as usual this will only work for testosterone and its VERY close relatives (methyl-test, hydroxytest, TST, clostebol) and will not be safe to use with opposed to topical spiro which works for basically everything.

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