Clomid & Nolva

  1. Clomid & Nolva

    I was wondering if say you had both in powder form could you just measure out the amount and mix with a liquid and shoot it down the ol gullet?

    Also was wodering if one wanted to turn it into a liquid such as liquid clomid for research how would you go about it. What is in it and does anyone know of a recipe. My research could benefit from such knowledge. Late J

  2. Guess I'm gonna have to find my answers else where. I'm finding it hard to believe I stumped everyone on this one. Late J

  3. clomid I believe dissolves just fine in grain alcohol bro. Pretty sure novla does also, just they occasionally drop out of solution and need to be reheated.

  4. Thanks for the reply wardog.

  5. you could also gelcap the powder and swallow it, it would taste better....

  6. I thought about that but I think it's just easier to make a liquid solution. The taste doesn't bother me as long as I chase it with something. I was thinking about buying a pill capper but I have to review my goals and obejectives first Late J


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