seran wrap

  1. seran wrap

    after applying the transdermal lotion and then rubbing it in would wrapping the area with seran wrap improve absorbtion. i feel like the seran wrap would hold the moisture and keep the lotion on the skin longer possibly increasing the rate of absortion. is there anything to this?

  2. The "seran wrap method" will increase absorbtion. I read in another post by chemo that shouldn't keep the area wrapped for more than 24 hours though. Hope that helps late J

  3. AlexParty
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    I think that's too much work. Look, if you spray it generally takes 20 minutes untill you could put your clothes on. Are you saying you want to keep the saran wrap on and put your clothes on? My opinion theres no point, if you want more absorbtion just spray more. Less trouble...

  4. Wraping DOES increase absorbtion by a bit. If you're going to go this route keep it wrapped for atleast 8 hours, if you're applying every 12 hours that is.

    Alex, more doesn't always mean more absorbed. Infact it can actually decrease absorbtion if there's too much.

  5. im mainly considering this, because i hate waiting around at the end of the day for the lotion to dry and absorb on my body before going to bed. i figure instead of waiting an hour and half or two hours i could just apply it to my inner bicept or forearm, wrap the area with seran wrap, then just hop into bed right away and just remove the wraping in the morning when i wake up. i feel like this would save time and energy if anything. its actually alot less of an effort

  6. I dunno - maybee i have small arms, but when i apply T-1 i rub it into my whole arm and it still stays wet for 10-20 minutes. Am i spreading it too thin? should i just keep it local to one area like my pec or forearm and wait the extra time for it to dry?

  7. MIne takes about a minute or two to dry but I have home brew. I have heard the gels take considerably longer to dry.
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  8. Right - i guess my question is - how thin do you spread it. do you want to rub it in till its dry which i usually do and takes up my whole arm for instance, Or am i supposed to leave an abundance of gel on an isolated area like my bicep and just wait till it dries

  9. Goldylight, apply a thin layer. You want to apply a small amount on a larger area, you will get the best absorb this way. For instance my last cycle i applied 2ml twice a day. Just with that 2ml I would apply to forearms, hands, feet, ribs, chest. Stretch it out as much as you can. Late J

  10. good advice

  11. Thanks.
  12. AlexParty
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    So what you guys are saying, once you spray you spread it and make it dry manually usuing hands OR wait for it to dry once spread??


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