Heat and transdermals?

  1. Question Heat and transdermals?

    I may win the award for worse question ever. Oh well. I plan on taking Super One+ next month, so I'm trying to research as much as possible. I've been reading a lot of people saying that some transdermals don't absorb as fast as the bottle claims. When I was younger and I had an acne problem, my dermatoglist prescribed me a topical wich I applied every night before bed. Sometimes I would use a hair-dryer to heat up the application area on my face, and it seemed that this helped with the absorbtion. I remember reading a few posts back that a hot shower opens up the pores more, so if he heat helps with absorbtion, would drying the SO+ with a hair dryer do anything? Just curious?

  2. Heat prior to applying. It will help absorption.


  3. Should have used the search button. My bad.

  4. Nice job DieTrying, few admit they didn't search. Nice to see someone admit their mistake., Welcome to the board.

  5. I just didn't use it because I thought it was a stupid question. I guess not.



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