NPP questions & feedback help

  1. NPP questions & feedback help

    I have recently become very interested in NPP, fast acting nandrolone. I have read the profiles etc but still have some questions.

    I know that sometimes it depends on who made the gear but on average how is the pain? Would it be the same as test Prop or Tren A?

    For the guys who have used it, what is your experience with it? How long did you run it, wet gains, time on etc...?

    I was thinking of running a 8-10 weeker with
    test prop

    I know i have more questions but cant think of it right now.

  2. I have never had much luck with this one for some reason. anything I made with it was painful so it might just be my reaction to the NPP, I just don't do well with it. On the other hand I have a 150mg/ml prop that is painless using the same reciepe so...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Klaus View Post
    NPP's solubility seems to be lower than test prop and tren ace; hence, its ability to cause a larger amount of pain than test prop at the same concentration. I usually make mine at 100mg/mL, but it does have a bite to it. I'm sure a 50/50 ethyl oleate/oil mixture would either eliminate this or greatly reduce it. I did make a blend for a friend once: 75mg test prop & 75mg NPP per mL with a 50/50 ethyl oleate/oil mixture and 2/20 BA/BB. He claimed it was painless.

    The shutdown with NPP is fast and furious; I personally wouldn't run it without HCG. I am still currently evaluating the overall benefits of this compound; so far, I really like it.
    I didn't have any real luck using the OE mixture with it, it had a bite to it at 75mg/ml. agin it might just be me

  4. thanks guys.

    Klaus, so would you still think that HCG should be used if NPP was only used for 8 weeks?

    Skye, besides the pain did you see good results from it or did you just not run it long enough to notice?

  5. hcg is always a good idea with any length of any Nor-testosterone based hormone.

    I really didn't run it long enought to get a feel for it so I really couldn't tell you. I did like nand base as a transdermal and would think this somewhat like that.

  6. Wasup piston. I have never used NPP but I like the way your cycle looks. I, like you, was dissappointed with my pure test cycle, but I learned alot.

    I'm starting to think that several 4-6 week phases where compounds are added/dropped is the best for cycles to keep gains coming. I've already been planning on how to run a phase-cycle so that gains dont become stagnant. I was thinking of doing something similar to you but with Tren A instead.

    This is what I was thinking:
    1-12 Test E 750mg
    1-5 Dbol 50mg
    6-11 Tren A 75mg EOD
    13-14 Prop 100mg EOD
    HCG 500iu/week
    Adex .25mg ED

    This type of cycle has two phases (aside from the test). The dbol should add some good size and the tren should harden it up. I felt bloated and fat at the end of my last cycle and I dont want that again.

    I suppose you could replace the Tren with NPP and maybe start it at week 4-11 or something like that then harden up with winny at the end

  7. do u break out with spots on npp?

  8. The NPP I have made has always been completely painless at 100mg/ml. I forget the percentage of solvents but I think it was 2/20 BA/BB with grapeseed.

  9. 1-2 test prop 150mg eod
    1-10 test enan 375mg 2x ew
    1-5 dbol 40mg ed
    6-10 npp 100mg eod
    7-11 winstrol 50mg
    11-12 test prop 150mg eod
    4-12 hcg 500iu ew

    still thinking of using an AI or SERM or both on cycle as im pretty prone to estro sides.

    i was thinking of doing an 8weeker but not sure how i will handle the prop ester and the amount of sites needed to rotate for 8 weeks.

    I Should be fine with the NPP after the dbol? I would run it with the dbol but i think that would definately give me gyno.

  10. thanks matt, im either for the npp or the tren a too, the tren might lean me out to much tho and i have an aggressive attitude so im iffy on that being amplified. If i wasnt so gyno prone id like to run both in a cycle.

    Ubi, how do you like the results of npp? what is your take?

  11. Klaus, how far are you into the cycle? and just curious on what inject sites you plan on using?

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Klaus View Post
    I'm in to my third week now. I always use a six-site rotation for eod shots. I typically rotate between quads (2 sites per quad) and glutes (1 site per glute). Some people might raise an eye brow at the two sites per quad statement. In actuality, medical documentation states that there are really 3 sites per quad, since the muscle group is so large. Of course, if someone is jamming 5cc's of gear into each site, using all 3 sites per quad could be asking for trouble.
    how is the libido and shutdown? would you suggest hcg for that type of cycle?


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