?? about dosing T-1

  1. Question ?? about dosing T-1

    I thought I was told hardcore dosing of T-1 was 4 squirts two times a day for a total of 8 squirts right? And that if done that way 2 bottles would last 30 days. Well when I started using it, the bottle says each squirt is 2ml, so if you applied 8 a day that would be 16ml, would divided into 2 bottles, only gives you 15 days?? what Am I doing wrong here?

    I want to do the hardcore dosing 4 squirts 2x a day but want this cycle to last 30 days, do I need to buy 2 more?

  2. Is it T1 final. The original T1 is 8oz. T1 final is 4oz.

  3. T-1 final sorry

  4. Originally posted by goes4ever
    do I need to buy 2 more?
    Yep, and you should buy an additional 10g 4ad and add it to the mix to get the old T1 ratios.

  5. so right now if I want to get 30 days out of two bottles I can only do 2 squirts, twice a day? Is it even effective at that dose?

  6. It'll work, just not as well as if you dosed higher.


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