long cycle/short cycle...propositions...

  1. long cycle/short cycle...propositions...

    This is a cycle me and a friend of mine are working on for him...he is about 5'11" - 6' 210-215lbs 10-12% BF (this will be his 2nd or 3rd cycle, not sure)

    the aim is to put on lean muslce and slighly decrease BF...still working on the dosages, this is just a rough draft...
    suggestions and input are greatly appreciated as well as reasoning as to why...Thanks...

    option 1:

    - traditional long cycle
    dbol 1-4 weeks (jump start)
    eq 10-12 weeks
    tren 4-6 weeks (finish up)

    *I have left test (e) out of this cycle due to the fact I have been reading various things saying test is not as needed as some think, however i am still open to incorporating test if it would be advised.

    option 2:

    - short cycle (1-4or5 weeks)

    *same thing about test as above. debating on throwing in Test Prop.
    since this is a shorter cycle libido issues might not be a big concern, therefor test may not be necessary...

    what do u guys think?
    (pct will be adressed seperately, so no need to get into that right now)

  2. What is the goal here? seems like a lea bulk maybe. If you do not run test i would go with the shorter cycle. The dbol will take care of the libido part. dbol and tren is a semi popular cycle, that some have succes with. I always prefer longer cycles though, no reason really. Well actually it's because i prefer to run a highly anabolic chem in the begining and gain like 15lbs the first month. then just test the second month to allow my body to become aclimated to the new weight. then finish with an highly androgenic compound ussualy tren ace combined with test for about the last 6 weeks to cut a little and solidify all of the gains.

  3. so your recommended something like an 8-10 weeker...along the lines of...

    1-4 dbol
    1-8/10 test
    5-8/10 tren ace

  4. Im trying to plan out a cycle for similar goals. I'm thinking about doing this one:

    1-12 Test E 750mg/week
    1-6 Dbol or Halodrol
    6-11 Tren A

  5. no not an 8-10 weeker i ussualy go for 12
    1-12 test e
    1-4 or 5 dbol adrol
    7-11 tren

    but i have heard of succes with
    1-5 dbol
    1-4 tren

    sorry about the confusion



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