low level prohormones

  1. low level prohormones

    Can anyone help

    my understanding is when nat. test is raised above max normal levels it shuts down so could I take a low dose of 4-ad to boost my natural test rather than shut it down

    will this work as in theorie it would be cheap as chips
    iwould not expect big gains just maybe a bit of a boost to recovery

  2. also I think I suffer low test levels anyway

  3. I can't think of a good reason why that wouldn't work. Popular wisdom says that any exogenous test will depress natty test. It's almost certainly way more complicated than we're trying to make it. If your normal test is low, then the rest of you (your test receptors) has adjusted and any exogenous test will just drop your receptors and extra test will just make you oily and bald. If you think you're low you should really talk to your physician. If you're borderline...and he/she prescribes test...you might be able to get him/her to give you an Rx that you could save up for a cycle. More likely, they'll want you to come in every couple of weeks for a shot or patch....if that's the case, and you really want huge test gains...you'll have to go (at least slightly) underground.

  4. I have heard of morning dosing of 4-AD for long term use, however, I am still not sold on it. Perhaps a 3 month on, 3 month off protocol may work with something like this concept, it is worth a shot

  5. ok i get ya then it would follow the bodies natural high and lows


  6. interesting idea but doctors like swale over at cuttingedge say that it is incredibly hard even with shots and exact measurements to "top off" natural test without shutting you down. I dont really know persnally it would be dirt cheap but you also might start losing muscle if you shut down...its all a question of will you experiment on yourself.


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