Question about sdrol/methoxy-tst stack

  1. Question about sdrol/methoxy-tst stack

    I have been searching but can't find anything on this. I've got three weeks worth of sdrol which I want to stack with methoxy-tst. The sdrol would be the recommended 10/20/30 a week and I would run the methoxy -tst concurrently at 3 caps/ed. What do people think about this stack?

    I've got all the supporting supps lined and have PCT lined up as well. This will be my second sdrol cycle however I have done many other cycles in the past (promagnon, halo, zol, dien, 5aa, etc)

  2. Somewhere on this board someone stacked SD and tst and had good results. It was probably about nine months back. I personally think it would be a great stack. It would definately help with some of the libidio issues SD can bring. I have used it my last 2 cycles and had good results. (mood, libidio, energy, hardness, strength etc.) Tst also don't seem very toxic compared to some of the methyls. I saw some lab results from jmho and it looked good. Hope this helps a little.

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