What's the current legal status of Superdrol?

  1. What's the current legal status of Superdrol?

    I ask because there's a store in my area that's selling it openly over the counter, and I thought it had been scheduled.

  2. It has not been scheduled but it has been discontinued....tread lightly grasshopper

  3. doesnt really matter, there are a lot of clones out there.. the question is, how long are they going to be around!?

  4. The fda has issued opinion letters declaring it an "unapproved drug" making it illegal to sell. It's not a scheduled anabolic. They're treating it like a drug which hasn't yet received fda approval for sales. Their legal approach is interesting and it might not hold-up in court but no one wants to be the test case. My guess is your local sup store just doesn't think they'll get caught (probably right).

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