6 oxo powder in absolution??

  1. 6 oxo powder in absolution??

    hey guys,

    I saw that nutraplanet androstene powder, i was wondering if it would work if i added it into a topical fat burner to reduce some nipple puffiness. any thoughts??

  2. In the right dosage, it would reduce estrogen whould would help nipple puffiness if it were estrogen related. The rise in testosterone may help reduce fat in that area in combination with the right diet and training.

  3. Dont foget that ergopharm made a product like Skulpt, which was supposidly sub-q, so the 6-oxo went directly to the affected area. It might be the difference between systemic and localized targeting. just a thought...
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  4. so u saying it would work?? How much should I put in, and just because it is added to the transdermal, does that mean it will be absorbed??

  5. My experience with topical fat burners, or any product that claims 'localized delivery' has been less than positive. My guess is that you'd benefit from lower systemic estrogen levels, not so much a reduction of fat in a specific area.

    Everyone is different though, it might work for you.



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