t-1 pro availability

  1. t-1 pro availability

    Is there anywhere left to buy t-1 pro?

  2. There is no stock left as T-1 PRO was discontinued some time ago. However, BDC Nutrition is currently negotiating with Power Nutrition for a steady, low volume, custom batch runs on a weekly basis. In other words, Power Nutrition is trying to get me to make them about 5 bottles of the original T-1 PRO (full 8 oz., 10 grams 1-test and 5 grams 4-AD) every week so that his customers will stop asking for it In all seriousness, there has been tremendous demand for the original T-1 PRO and the owner of Power Nutrition wants to give his customers exactly what they want: effective products at an affordable price.

    This post is a little pre-emptive as we have not finalized negotiations but they will be the EXCLUSIVE retailers of T-1 PRO [ORIGINAL]!

    I am limiting their supply to 5 bottles weekly so it is first come, first served. Also, I am requiring them to limit their sales to 1 bottle per customer so as to allow everyone a chance to get their hands on the original T-1 PRO. After we finalize negotiations I'll have the owner post in here the stipulations of the deal (stock will be posted on his store on Sunday nights, price will be whatever, etc.) so stay tuned!


  3. why was t1pro discontinued?

  4. LOL Chemo I bet you never thought people would be whining so much about the T1Pro being discontinued? Maybe getting rid of it and then offering it was the best thing you could have done.


    BTW It would be great if powernutrition would post a phone # on their site.

  5. I'm taking this as a sign. Screw it just ordered a bottle. I'm going to run that with 600mgs 1,4 DIOL. Thanks for offering it again Chemo.

  6. Cool

    I got some from Power N. right before thet sold out. I would like to buy a couple more bottles. Now I can

    Let us know so I can quickly get in line.


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