Price for test-e and anadrol

  1. Question Price for test-e and anadrol

    what is a ballpark figure for 20 ml of test enanthate and 50 Anadrol 50's? Also, a 20 ml vial of tren? Thanks guys...

  2. Be careful of not crossing the line into the area of best places etc to get these things and remember that dealing in private over will get you just as banned

    Friendly reminder.

  3. from past experience i rremeber it at about 30-45 per 10ml of test e ,and a-50 around100 -125for100 and a-75 is roughly 150-160 for 100 that was about 2 years ago though and tats all i can tell you.

  4. more like 50-60 for test e 10ml, not sure on the other 2

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kjkriston View Post
    more like 50-60 for test e 10ml, not sure on the other 2

    You are getting ripped off.

  6. maybe but my original price was almost ill take it...gotta take the source you can get you know...


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