1. Question 4-hydroxytestosterone

    4-hydroxytestosterone anyone tried this stuff?also would like any results to 1-test cyp. stuff is all over for sale no one seems to have any info. animal has it for sale claims painless injections.

  2. 4-hydroxytest is essentially anon armoatizing testosterone very similar to the chemical formula of formestanre. I think the difference lies in one of tthe carbon atoms or lack therof. It would be a good anabolic/androgenic without the risk of estrogenic sideaffects. According to PA only he knows the burn free 1-test formula so I think Animals cyp may be pain less but not pain free if you get my menaning. i believe he on his board says the pain is bearable

  3. bumping this... I'm new here and was looking for info specifically about 4-Hydroxy. It (Promatrix's) is sold at a supp store near me and the guys rave about it, claiming it's better than 1-test, but I can't find info on it on the web.

    I'm a little hesitant to try something I know absolutely nothing about. Anyone know anything else, or tried, this product?


  4. Ive only seen real info about this over at Animals board, instynct sells hydroxy test I believe. It should on paper be very good.

  5. The feedback is coming in and Hydroxy is looking to be outstanding in every way....



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