half life of t-1

  1. half life of t-1

    I have the t-1 original 240ml bottle with 24ml of DMSO. I am applying two squirts a day. I have been applying both around 12:00 noon. Should I be applying one squirt in the morning and one at night?

    Also whats the half life?

  2. Spread the dose out to twice daily...and there is a difference between half life and half dose timeframes.

    For instance, the half dose is about 12-18 hours (wide margin since skins types and conditions vary greatly from person to person) and is the time when half the dose applied is abosrbed.

    From what is absorbed the half life of the PH's are the same for most other non-alkylated compounds: about 6-8 hours. The difference, though, is that topicals are slow release so there is a constant flux of PH's into your system.


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