Epistane with significant calorie deficet for cutting

  1. Epistane with significant calorie deficet for cutting

    I noticed DR.D said in a thread to consume around mantaince level cal's while cutting on epistane. Anyone run a significantly lower calorie deficet on Epistane then they would cutting naturally? I was thinking of running 4-6 weeks at 30 a day on around 2000 calories a day. Which is substantially lower then my mantainance. 6'1 208lbs 14%

  2. anyone?

  3. I would say to follow Dr. D's advice in this situation. Stay around 10% less than your maintenance kcals.

  4. Dr. D pretty much tells it how it is, so i agree with him and Rodja!

    but it would be interesting to see the results.....

  5. was wondering if u wound up running epistane on a severe calorie deficit and if so how it went, because i am thinkin' of doing the same.

  6. Not yet. I decided to run an EC stack first before. I am aiming for single digit body fat levels so I am trying to get to about 12% before I hit the epistane. Im currently a bit above that. So mostly likely within the next 2 weeks I will start. I have the PCT and everything ready for it.

  7. I'm running a Havoc/Leviathan cutter as we speak...started yesterday. I'm starting with about 300 cals under maintenance and hopefully won't need to drop any more than that. I can let you know how it goes if you're interested.


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