Need serious help

  1. Need serious help

    Need some serious help somebody out there with experience..
    I just started my first cycle with Cypiotest 250 & nothing else.. ( now I've done pH in the past ) now I'm gettin signs of Gyno, what can I take throughout my cycle beside novaldex ?

  2. Ralaxofine, whats wrong with Nolva?
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  3. what do you mean by "signs of gyno"? itchy/puffy nipples?

    arimidex or letro should fix any problems you are having in this area

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Sonicology View Post
    what do you mean by "signs of gyno"? itchy/puffy nipples?

    arimidex or letro should fix any problems you are having in this area
    I feel a bump on my right nipple, they're not itchy bu I just feel that bump & some puffness.... Are any of these legal cause the sources I come up with are all scammers..

  5. I feel a bump on my right nipple, they're not itchy bu I just feel that bump & some puffness.... Are any of these legal cause the sources I come up with are all scammers..

  6. Let me read the stickies for you. Here is the one about gyno.... sigh*

    Gyno Issues(Prevention and Reduction FAQ)


    Ok, first he disclaimer, I am not anyone you should be taking advice of any kind from. This post is just my opinion and nothing in it should be taken as medical advice. The only thing this post is guarantied to due is take up bandwidth. Also this post is not meant to offend anyone, it just my opinion. This post is in response to several gyno posts I have seen around lately, this is just my take on the subject. However I am posting this largely for the newbieís so please feel free to add to this thread.

    With that out of the way the first part is how to prevent gyno in the first place. There are a few simple things to due to prevent the problem from arising, and prevention is worth far more here then a pound of cure here. Another thing is that you may notice that I like Nolvadex. I believe that there is something wrong when one of the most effective, cheapest, and easiest to get auxiliary drug in body building is sometimes the least recommended. Outside of bloat control and progesterone issue there is nothing that we need other then Nolvadex. It works great for Gyno prevention and post cycle therapy. This makes life simple. Speaking of simple the below are just that.


    1. Keep your dosages within reason. You would think this would be a no brainier but soon or later you come across some one that is doing something dumb, or to be nicer a little more on the extreme side. Running 500mg a week of testosterone should not require any anti estrogens. Running 2 grams a week and you had better be taking precautions. And sometimes people forget that dosage is relative to what youíre taking. 600mg a week of EQ is not nearly as big of a dose as 350mg of dianabol.

    2. Watch what type of steroids youíre using. Dianabol, methyl test, and so on all aromatize into potent estrogenic compounds. If you use them then use a good aromatase inhibitor and Nolvadex as a preventative course of action. Dianabol and trenbolone make for an awesome stack but the dianabol metabolites combined with the progesterone like tendencies of the trenbolone can cause a lot of grief. Precautions are needed here.

    3. Run Nolvadex or one of the newer SERMs while youíre on and for post cycle therapy. There are a lot old timers that will tell you that Nolvadex will reduce your gains. To my knowledge no one has ever proved that and really a slight reduction in your gains is well worth some peace of mind here. It doesnít take much, 10mg a day is believed to greatly reduce your chances of getting gyno. I donít know of any good studies on this but there are a lot of user reports here and it makes sense.

    4. Run an aromatase inhibitor while youíre on. This is probably the most over used auxiliary drug in body building. Everyone likes to add this to prevent bloat rather then tighten their diet. But if youíre prone to gyno then you probably want one. If youíre running a steroid like dianabol or the like then you need one anyways. My personal preference here is for proviron as it is a fairly mild aromatase inhibitor. You want to control your estrogen not kill it off, itís necessary for a lot of things. My second choice would be for exemestane.

    4. Consider adding a prolactin/progesterone inhibitor. This is not really a good idea in my opinion unless you know that you have gyno issues. These are powerful drugs that have some serous side affects and not all of them are known. B6 is probably the safest but can have some serous sides running at the dosages that might be needed (I really donít have any sold information at what level the B6 start causing problems at). Cabergoline is another one that is becoming popular and may have less sides then bromocriptine. I would however avoid all these unless you really need them.

    What to do if you get gyno or start to develop it.

    1. Be prepared. You would think this was obvious but how many times have we seen a post asking about getting something for this gyno that just showed up from nowhere and what should he do about it? At the least you should have is a 6 week supply of Nolvadex (or your preferred SERM) on hand. You may also want a bottle of cabergoline on hand as well. Remember that it is too late to order this stuff after you start getting symptoms.

    2. Quit the cycle. This is the one no one likes to do but it is probably the single most effective treatment of steroid induced gynecomastia. If youíre taking something that is screwing you up you need to stop taking it. A lot of people will just add an aromatase inhibitor and/or a SERM rather then abort the cycle. Often this works, but not always. Whether its worth the risk is something that you will have to decide but I can tell you that if I start getting a set of B****tities I am going to drop that cycle faster then a girl that gave me a rash.

    3. Add/increase your dosage of Nolvadex or newer SERM. This is the old standby and it works. The newer ones are supposed to be better but for myself I know that Nolvadex works and works well. Nolvadex has a half life of around 6 days but it is not a linier decrease so you need to adjust your dosing accordingly. EOD dosing is fine but it is not advisable to take more then 40mg a day of Nolvadex. I have seen people recommend anywhere from 60 to 80mg a day for gyno but I would not go that high (Nolvadex is low on the sides but at those dosages the sides become very pronounced.) I might do 60 for the first couple of days if I am panicking (and I would be) but I would drop it down to 40 ED until the gyno was well under control then I would proceed with my normal post cycle therapy. I would continue the Nolvadex at 20 mg a day until the gyno was gone completely. If you want to stay on I would keep the Nolvadex at 20mg a day at least. Please note that others would use more I am just not convinced that it works that much better.

    4. Add an aromatase inhibitor if your going to stay on cycle. My preference for treating gyno would be exemestane rather then proviron (Use the stronger AI when you already know you have a problem). There has been some debate about using letrozole and Nolvadex together but it seams that there is no real negative interaction between them. That debate hasnít been settled just yet though and letrozole has a lot of sides so I would stay clear of it and opt for one of the others. Run for the remainder of the cycle.

    5. If your gyno was aggravated by a progesterone type steroid and you want to stay on I would at least start on some B6 (no more then 500mg a day has been said to be safe but maybe not that effective for gyno control). I would also consider running cabergoline at this point. 250 to 500mcg twice a week or split up further (500mcg E4D seams to be the accepted dose.). Then again I would just come off cycle and be done with it. Remember that your f***ing with your brain chemistry here.

    for more info on other options here is a great thread (a sticky in fact)
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