Kick the tires of my 1st HD cycle/pct...

  1. Kick the tires of my 1st HD cycle/pct...

    Sup all. I was hoping you guys could check out my first ever cycle and post cycle therapy. First off, I would just like to thank everyone here at AM for the invaluable knowledge I have gained through these forums. I think I am at the point where I feel I can give this a good shot.
    I decided to go with Halodrol-50 (lot 83039 exp 03/08) for 30 days. I'm not going to stack anything else with it since I have never done any ph/designer/pro/steroid before. I decided on the HD because of the sides/gains ratio, as only a few that I've read about have had any real bad sides. My goal for this cycle is to gain @8+ pounds of lbm and hopefully drop a couple percentage points of fat. I am 30, 5'10" 180lbs, @14-15% bf. I have been training on and off for 10 years, more seriously over the last two. Diet will be clean, lots of low GI carbs, shooting for @3500+ cals. 8g fish oil/ 6g sesaglow ED.

    ON: HD50 @50mg/ED
    AI Cycle Support
    Thermolife Liver Longer
    I have some extra CoQ10 caps I may add when taking AI-CS

    POST: Days 1-5 120mg Toremifene / DHEA 100mg
    Days 6-8 90mg Toremifene / 25mg Novedex XT / DHEA 100mg
    Days 9-16 60mg Toremifene / 25mg Novedex XT / DHEA 50mg
    Days 17-24 30mg Torimefene / 50mg Novedex XT / DHEA 50mg

    ALSO DURING PCT ED: CEE, AP, 2400mg x 3 bulk Powerfull, 1000mg x 3 bulk Muira Puama, bulk cissus, AI Cycle Support.

    I have AP that I can use during cycle. Would this be a bad idea or best saved for after the cycle? I also have Albuterol, should I throw this in during PCT? Anti-Cortisol? Any thoughts/ criticisms would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. I'm about to finish my 1st cycle ever of halodrol 50 also in 4 days. I stacked w/ no shotgun , perfect cycle, AI cycle support, fish oil, flaxseed oil, multi, protein. My pct consist of novedex xt, lean xtreme, activate, testrol, and nolva on hand just in case. Starting weight was 210lbs. at 5'10" age 28 and weight now is 217. Just got some bulk cissus also cause my joints were killing me.

  4. Thanks for the reply. How did you like the cycle? Did you lean out a bit? Any sides for you like elevated BP?
    I know that low estrogen can cause sore joints (among other things), so you may want to go easy on the novedex. I've read about this happening to guys who take over 50mgs a day...

  5. I do look more defined and vascular it was great the 1st 2 wks. but the 3rd I felt very lethergic and tired It,s like I got strong quick then crashed. I did reach my goal though which was to bench 315 before I was struggling at 275. I'm just going to start cutting up now for the summer until I start my Havoc cycle. Oh I was raging a bit the this wk. but controllable. Good Luck



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