Damn BDC is fast

  1. Damn BDC is fast

    ordered wed afternoon, and it was sitting on my doorstep when I got home tonite, man you guys don't mess around! Got me two bottles of t-1, starting with it tommorow!

  2. Good luck!

  3. Of course, what he's not telling you is that he lives down the street from the main office and not across the country

    Seriously, I use these feedback posts as a measure of service from Airborne Express. Some members may experience longer delivery times.

    goes4ever, what state are you in? Your shipment originated from Kentucky...


  4. I'm in Ohio, but shipping from Kentucky or not, your shipping is FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I can order wed afternoon and have it by friday, that is SERVICE!!!!! THANK YOU

  5. bump on that. i live in PA, and i had my T-gel THEE next day.

  6. Same here. I ordered some T1 final mid afternoon Thursday, the package was on my doorstep here in MD at 9:06am the next morning! By far the fastest shipment I've ever received from an online order.

  7. Same here, it only took a day to Northeastern Ohio!!

  8. Fantastic news guys! BDC's mission has always been excellence in all things and it sounds like shipping is really great most of the time! Thanks for buying their products and making it all possible.

  9. I live all the way up in ND and my bottle was here in 2 days! Thats great service!!!!

  10. had 2 nottles of ucp-1 shipped to jamaica new york. ordered on 27th, received them on 29th at 10am



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